App for That: Brainstorming that Works

In The Science of Speaking, I cite research showing that contrary to popular belief, traditional brainstorming doesn’t actually work very well. The best method is actually for each member of the group to come up with their own list of ideas first, then pool the ideas and work from there.

Today, I found out there’s an app for that: Candor, developed by Loran Nordgren. As the website notes,

Candor works by decoupling the generation of ideas from the evaluation of ideas. This means that people generate ideas privately at the beginning of the meeting, before they learn the opinions of the other people in the room. The team then reviews all the ideas generated before evaluating them.

This is exactly the process that research has shown works the best, producing a greater diversity of ideas and ultimately leading to better solutions.

I can’t wait to try it out!

Thanks to Susan M. Weinschenk for introducing me to the Candor app.

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